Promoting Math Education in Africa

Our Mission

The Pan-African Math Circle is a program promoting advanced math education across the African continent by running free online math lessons and contests, and building a community of talented African high school students.

About Us

The program works with talented students and local educators to bring free, biweekly online lessons and contests to the smartest and most dedicated students in Africa and beyond. The lessons will be held on Zoom over the Internet. We aim to start lessons in January 2022, held twice a month on Saturday afternoons. We will have more exact dates and details shortly!

We are a group of math and computer science PhD students and professors from top universities, including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, and Columbia, with passion and experience teaching students around the world.

Why Math in Africa?

By studying mathematics beyond the school level, students open up doors to high paying, meaningful careers in science and technology, and gain critical thinking skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Students who study math beyond the school level will have an advantage in college admissions, and perform better in any scientific field in college and beyond. Similar mathematical programs have produced some of the top engineers, scientists, and mathematicians in the United States and Europe, and we’re trying to bring that to Africa.

This program grew out of work by staff members on a math program in West Africa, which has successfully helped dozens of bright African students prepare for international math contests and gain admissions into top global universities including Stanford, MIT, Princeton, and Harvard. Top program participants went on to achieve top honors in Ivy League universities, and land high paying careers at Google and Facebook. This West African math program, on which the Pan-African Math Circle is based, has helped thousands of students excel in college and beyond.


If you are a high school student and you are interested in joining our program:


Teachers at our program include:

Our full staff includes other Olympiad-trained teachers and instructors that will be helping out with teaching and mentoring students.


Coming Soon.